marco schifano

from 24 November 2016 to 24 March 2017

A due anni dalla sua ultima personale, Marco Schifano (Roma, 1985) torna, dal 24 novembre 2016 al 24 marzo 2017, allo Studio Giangaleazzo Visconti di Milano (corso Monforte 23). L’esposizione, curata da Gianluca Ranzi, presenta due nuovi cicli fotografici dell’artista romano: Ballet e Le spose di Max.

The "Ballet" series are made of evasive and attractive images that are the result of a long and complex process. Starting from hundreds of pictures taken of rare species of tropical fish the artist patiently assembles these pictures in a "pictorial" way.
In the second series titled "Le spose di Max" (Max's brides) there is a direct reference to the famous painting by Max Ernst Attirement of the Bride (1940), which is now part of the Gugghenheim Collection in Venice.
Just as the bride that appears in this painting, the woman photographed by Marco Schifano naked in a medium close-up wears a visionary and fantastic mask that completely covers her face, creating images half way between reality and illusion.
Once again Marco Schifano combines distant lands, such as art and science, anthropology and botanic, creating a fascinating journey between rigorousness and enchantment.