elia festa

from 20 January 2010 to 20 February 2010

 It is the ability of the artist to see beyond the everyday reality of things, to intuit a variety of meanings, discover new perceptions and then convey it all to us with the utmost of poetry.

Elia Festa is an artist and a poet; he is one of those rare individuals who has a unique vision of the world.

With his photographic eye, he invites us to observe objects and to read reality with greater depth. My friendship with Elia is an old one, as is my interest for his photographs, which have become more and more rarefied and, dare I say, abstract.  

Elia’s photos may seem abstract to the casual observer; however, even these extraordinary “Microbes” maintain a formal “”Realistic” significance.

These works are a careful reading of life’s detail and they are full of indirect meaning.

Look at them carefully and with candor, as if in front of you were unfolding a vision of the world, one that is felt, not simply revealed.  

You will understand, at least in part, what reality means to their creator and you will be able to see the world with a new point of view.

These photographs are also an intense sort of dream machine: their sharpness touches upon absolute beauty, the black and white exalts the almost surgical precision of the cuts, the framing includes only that which is desired and well thought-out.

In this way, the infinitely small becomes a mirror for the enormity of the cosmos and also a parody of human goings-on – our agitation – which recalls the activity of “microbes”.

These photographs are also a sort of primer containing the world’s alphabet, useful for those of us who are distracted by our own egocentrism and no longer able to observe.

Intuition, the ability to abstract and the ability to enrich the language of poetry are the qualities held by this series of drawings made with light.  Let Elia Festa take us by the hand through his rarefied and stimulating world, so that we may discover together a true artist and a true man.


                                                                                  Giovanni Gastel