elia festa

from 20 January 2010 to 20 February 2010

Elia Festa was born in Milan, Italy on January 1, 1956. In 1970 he met the painter Ibrahim Kodra and became his student. From ’71 –’74, Elia  freelanced for the Young & Rubicam Agency, working together with Franco Scheichenbauer, Richard Noble and other photographers. In ’89, he began his photographic research project “L’età del Pensiero” (The Age of Thought) with his friend Pierre Restany, which led to his first one man exhibition “Riflessioni” (Reflections), produced by Kodak in ’93 at the D’Ars Gallery in Milan. In ’92 he exhibited his work during the 25th anniversary show of the Diaframma photography gallery in Milan. In ’93 he made portraits of Japanese designers, shown as a one man exhibition at the Frankfurt Trade Show Center. In ’93 he began working with the Photology Galleries in London and Milan; from this, new ideas and work came to the fore: “la Habana” 1995; participation in the international “AIPAD Photographers” shows in New York in ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99; “Artbasel ‘96” in Basel, Switzerland. In ’95, in collaboration with AFIP, G. Calvenzi, R.Valtorta and K. Bolognesi, Elia produced the book and exhibit “Vita da bambino” (Life as a Child), which traveled throughout the major Italian cities to benefit “Telefono Azzurro”, an agency protecting children’s rights.  In 2000, Elia published a collection of portraits and moods that were ten years in the making; these works were included in “100 al 2000”, a review of important international art photographers, published by Photology. In the same year, he held the exhibition "Bla Bla & Co” with the sculptor K.H.Steck at “Studiogalerie” in Hamburg. In 2002 he completed the Landscape project “il Mondo che non c’è” (No Such World). In 2006, in collaboration with the director Salvino Raco, Elia participated in the making of the performance piece “La corsa di Sizwe Kondhile” (Sizwe Kondhile’s Race), creating a projection of photographic works on the subject, shown at the Triennale of Milan, with the sponsorship of the Commune and Province of Milan. Inspired by this work, Elia made “It’s About Blood”, which depicted the pain and soul of the great human sacrifice of African history. In 2007, in another collaboration with Salvino Raco, he made a trailer on international terrorism called “La strategia della tensione” (A Strategy of Tension), with the Commune and Province of Milan and the Lombardy Region at Olinda-ex Gaetano Pini. In 2009 he worked further on and exhibited a preview of “I miei numeri (My Numbers), a project he carried out from 1989 to 1998. From August to September 2009, he exhibited “ La Habana” in Noto, curated by Davide Faccioli. In January 2010, he will exhibit a series called “Microbi” (Microbes) at the “Studio Visconti” Gallery in Milan. In the same month, the “Photology Gallery” will show “Ho vissuto qui” (I Lived Here), a video created by Elia using footage made in 2010 and from 1993 to 2002.